Tournament Fixtures

The 2016-17 junior fixture list is bel and outlines the dates for the various Junior County, Badminton England and Local leagues.

To use the fixture list, just look at the column headings to see which age group you can play in (the year of birth is listed at the top).
Look down that column (or the columns to the right of it as you could always play up an age group), to see which tournaments are available.

The key to the colour coding is :-

Red – Badminton England Tournaments, go to Junior Circuit to enter them.
Green – coloured cells – Inter county games
Blue – Other Junior Tournaments

If you would like to add your own club event onto the calendar them please send the details to

LCBAFixtures201617V1 Page1

LCBAFixtures201617V1 Page2

LCBAFixtures201617V1 Page3

LCBAFixtures201617V1 Page4


For information onĀ other Junior Badminton Leagues in Lancashire go to