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Lancashire Junior Restricted U14,U16 & U18 Start Times

Name Age Group Singles Doubles Mixed Start Time
Harley Edge U14 X John Vincent Rebecca Mo 09:00
Andrew Hardaker U14 X Krish Milan Zahra Rashid 09:00
Matthew Jacks U14 X Akshat Kamath 09:00
Akshat Kamath U14 X Matthew Jacks 09:00
Krish Milan U14 X Andrew Hardaker 09:00
John Vincent U14 X Harley Edge Hafsa Ashraf 09:00
Hafsa Ashraf U14 X Zahra Rashid John Vincent 09:00
Poppy Hill U14 X Rebecca Mo 09:00
Rebecca Mo U14 X Poppy Hill Harley Edge 09:00
Zahra Rashid U14 X Hafsa Ashraf Partner Wanted 09:00
Karthik Ajith U16 X Alex Lewis Marnie Stewart 09:00
Tyler Allen U16 X Matthew Winstone Emi Dainty 09:00
Adam Ashraf U16 X Jacob Marron Tabitha White 09:00
Alexander Carling U16 X 09:00
Fred Farnworth U16 X Rosie Fielon 09:00
Maximus Felstead U16 X Matthew Westby Matilda Hampson 09:00
Praneshraja Ganesaraja U16 X 1st Reserve 09:00
William Gregson U16 X 09:00
Woody Hudson U16 X Chris Kattakayam Lucy Breen 09:00
Chris Kattakayam U16 X Woody Hudson 09:00
Alex Lewis U16 X Karthik Ajith Elizabeth Andrew 09:00
Benjamin Mahoney U16 X Akshay Narayan 09:00
Jacob Marron U16 X Adam Ashraf Honey Edmundson 09:00
Akshay Narayan U16 X Ben Mahoney Millie Hyde 09:00
Ruairi Sweeney U16 X Matthew Wilcox 2nd Reserve 09:00
Matthew Westby U16 X Max Felstead 09:00
Matthew Willcox U16 X Ruairi Sweeny 1st Reserve 09:00
Matthew Winstone U16 X Tyler Allen Isabel Greenwood 09:00
Elizabeth Andrew U16 X Marni Stewart Alex Lewis 11:00
Kate Birley U16 X Honey Edmundson 11:00
Lucy Breen U16 X Matilda Hampson Woody Hudson 11:00
Emily Dainty U16 X Isabel Greenwood Tyler Allen 11:00
Honey Edmundson U16 Kate Birley Jacob Marron 13:30
Rosie Fielon U16 X Mollie Hesketh Fred Fielon 11:00
Isabel Greenwood U16 X Emily Dainty Matt Winstone 11:00
Matilda Hampson U16 Luicy Breen Max Felstead 13:30
Molly Hesketh U16 X Rosie Feilon 11:00
Amelia Hyde U16 X Tab White Akshay Narayan 11:00
Marni Stewart U16 X Elizabeth Andrew Karthick Ajith 11:00
Tabitha White U16 X Millie Hyde Adam Ashraf 11:00
Ahmed Afzal U18 X Zaki Afzal 09:00
Zaki Afzal U18 Ahmed Afzal 13:30
Shahnoor Ali U18 X Mizanoor Ali 09:00
Mizanoor Ali U18 X Shahnoor Ali 09:00
Adam Ashraf U18 X Jonathan Tam Lauren Oats 09:00
Jake Evans U18 X Josh Mo Lucy Ault 09:00
Joseph Hatton U18 X Danny Hyde 09:00
Daniel Hyde U18 X Joe Hatton 09:00
Mark Kattakayam U18 X Ethan White 09:00
Joshua Mo U18 X Jake Evans Emily Broadbent 09:00
Jivitesh Raju U18 X 09:00
Kyle Stewart U18 Ben Wilkie 13:30
Jonathan Tam U18 X Adam Ashraf 09:00
Merrill Tsang U18 X Ben Tu 09:00
Benjamin Tu U18 X Merrill Tsnag Aqsa Adams 09:00
Ethan White U18 X Mark Kattakayam Katie Donegan 09:00
Ben Wilkie U18 X Kyle Stewart Shreya Karmath 09:00
Aqsa Adam U18 X Meera Sharma – Singh Ben Tu 11:00
Lucy Ault U18 X Emily Broadbent Jake Evans 11:00
Emily Broadbent U18 X Lucy Ault Josh Mo 11:00
Katie Donegan U18 X Shreya Karmath Ethan White 11:00
Daisy Hill U18 X Marha Kennedy 11:00
Hannah Jacks U18 Sarah Oddie 1st Reserve 13:30
Tasha Johnson U18 X Lauren Oats 11:00
Shreya Kamath U18 X Katie Donegan Ben Wilkie 11:00
Martha Kennedy U18 X Daisy Hill 11:00
Lauren Oates U18 X Tasha Johnson Adam Ashraf 11:00
Sarah Oddie U18 Hannah Jacks 13:30
Meera Sharma-Singh U18 X Aqsa Adams 11:00

Restricted Junior Tournament

The Lancashire Junior Restricted Tournaments are open to all Junior Badminton players who either live, go to school or was born in the County of Lancashire.

There are three age groups which include

Age Group                                                          Date of Tournament       Venue

U14 (born on or after 1st Jan 2005)           Sunday 24th Sep                Leigh Sports Village , Sale

U16 (born on or after 1st Jan 2003)           Saturday 23rd Sep             Markland Hill, Bolton

U18 (born on or after 1st Jan 2001)           Sunday 24th Sep                Leigh Sports Village , Sale

To make it easier to enter this year, payments for the entry fee is via bank transfer and entry forms are sent via email (full details in the entry forms below).

2017 Restricted Entry Form U14  excel file

2017 Restricted Entry Form U14 pdf

2017 Restricted Entry Form U16 excel file

2017 Restricted Entry Form U16 pdf

2017 Restricted Entry Form U18  excel file

2017 Restricted Entry Form U18 pdf


Special Olympics GB national games Sheffield 2017

Photo Jeff Johnson, Suzanne Monk, Neil Brayford, Catherine Carson, Mark Goulder, Katie O’Neil, Hazel Johnson, Lewis Haywood, Robert Monk, Emily Eyre, Ben fairhurst, Matt Stone, James Monk, Dave Savage, Sam Monk.

North West Special Olympics Badminton Team ( NWSOB )
NWSOB was one of 12 sports representing the North West at the GB Special Olympic Summer Games in Sheffield last week. We arrived back on Saturday with the best ever results. It was the first time at a national event for 4 of our

players – Katie O’Neil, James Monk, Lewis Haywood (U16) and Ben Fairhurst (U16).

We only have 12 players in the squad (from Wigan, Bolton, Southport & St Helens) and would welcome new members from any area in the North West, with welcome arms.
We managed a grand total of: 5 Gold, 2 Silver and 5 Bronze medals, with impressive placing in all events. ( See attached for individual players’ results )
Several of our new members were pitched against more experienced and older players. Lewis won Gold in the M8 division Men’s Singles and Ben Fairhurst won the Bronze. They teamed up in the M4 division Men’s Doubles with a great result, gaining a Bronze. Katie O’Neil injured her back while playing with Catherine Carson (who had a heavy cold) but despite this, they beat the odds by winning Gold in the F04 division Women’s Doubles. Katie never complained about her injury and continued playing the following day in the F02 division Ladies’ winning her 2nd Gold medal. During the Mixed Doubles on the 3rd day, the Medics intervened and strapped up Katie, who returned to court after 30 minutes. Her partner Neil Brayford kindly retrieved all the grounded shuttles and the pair continued, wining an inspirational Bronze medal.
At the other end of the experience ladder, Emily Eyre & Hazel Johnson won their 3rd consecutive games Gold medals in the F01 Women’s Doubles. The following day Hazel went on to win her 2nd Gold medal in the F01 Women’s Singles. Robert Monk was only narrowly beaten in the final of the M04 Singles by John Hopper (South West).
The 3 team coaches are so proud of everyone’s performance. It will be a real challenge to improve on these achievements.
Jeff Johnson
As a Official from me All team did very Well and enjoyed every day and very happy players well done every one bring Madels back to Lancashire.
Yunus Suleman